taco night

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What's better on a summer night (or really any night) than a Mexican inspired feast? Make this easy taco dinner for friends and family. Vegans, omnis, and meat eaters are sure to enjoy. 







1 package meatless crumbles (Smartlife is the brand I used)

1 cup Mexican Blend Shreds Non-dairy cheese (I used Daiya brand)

2 cups shredded lettuce

Salsa of choice

Hard or soft shell tacos (I prefer crunchy hard shell tacos!)

1 jalapeño

1 green pepper

1 avocado



This is very simple, you can certainly add more ingredients to your tacos like beans, vegan sour cream, or other kinds of veggies. I just kept it pretty straightforward.

Pan fry the meatless crumbles in a small amount of oil. Lay out a few small bowls and fill them with the different taco components. 

Load up your taco shells with all of the ingredients and enjoy!